2019-20 FHSAA State Series Eligibility Requirements and HSSOCF Recomendation Committee considerations

2019 Soccer State Series Recommendations


2007.02.               Regional & State Tournaments/Meets

2007.02.1             Assignments.

(1) The assignment of officials to officiate a regional tournament or meet, as well as a state tournament or meet, will be made by the FHSAA Office. These assignments may or may not be made from the list of officials compiled by the association’s Recommendations Committee as required in s.2.1(2).

(2) The Recommendations Committee within each local officials’ association must compile and submit by the prescribed deadline to the FHSAA Office a list of member officials who deserve consideration for assignment to a regional tournament contest or state tournament contest.

2007.02.2             Criteria to be Followed in Making Assignments.

Those officials in each sport who have met the following criteria will be given priority consideration for selection to officiate State Series contests:

(1) Officials who are classified by the FHSAA as Rank 1 or Rank 2 in the sport;
(2) Officials who have scored “75” or above on the FHSAA evaluation and rules examination;
(3) Officials  who  have  completed  a Training Session for the current year,
(4) Officials  who  were  selected  to  officiate  a  district  tournament contest,
(5) Officials  who  are  recommended  to  the  FHSAA Office  by  the  local officials  association  to  which  they  belong. (The FHSAA Office may request the local association to submit regular season evaluations for recommended officials.)

Per HSSOCF Bylaws, the Recommendation Committee have chosen the following criteria to be considered:

  • HSSOCF State Series Interest form
  • HSSOCF meeting attendance (minimum 3)
  • HSSOCF Varsity game count (minimum 20)
  • Assignment issues (turnbacks, tardiness, “no shows”, school-initiated blocks)
  • HSSOCF ranking

This list of recommended officials must submitted to the FHSAA Offic

JANUARY 10       Recommendations Due (SC)

*Note: FHSAA want the referees with the highest proficiency points to be in the final four.
Committee may adjust the crews to give HSSOCF the best chance of a final four crew.