Become a High School Referee

Welcome/welcome back to the High School Sports Officials of Central Florida! Please complete all steps below to receive game assignments.

Go to the FHSAA Become a Referee to start the referee process.  This will take you through required steps.

  1. Review JLA.pdf to make sure you are listed as CLEARED in the Florida Shared School Results (FSSR) Database. You need to have a current set of fingerprints on file (since fall 2009).
  2. Make sure you are registered with FHSAA and you have listed HSSOCF as the (primary or secondary) local association.
  3. Download the FHSAA Officials Guidebook
  4. Verify you access to the ArbiterSports assignment system, update you availability, update your picture in Arbiter (Hint: use your JLA badge with the expiration date)
  5. Mark yourself as “ready to assign” in Arbiter
  6. At the first meeting in August:
    –  Complete, print, and provide to the Treasurer the HSSOCF FW9ICA.pdf  (Do NOT fax/scan/email this document. It contains your confidential information!)
    –  Pick up a copy of this year’s FHSAA Identification Card, and FHSAA Sportsmanship Card
    – (Optional) Fill out a HSSOCF State Series availability form
  7. (Optional) An HSSOCF Fitness Assessment is held in October for officials interested in State Series (aka Post-Season) and working higher games.
    This is not a PASS/FAIL test. It is an assessment to help match your refereeing ability with game levels. (The HSSOCF Fitness Assessment is a modified version of the NISOA PPT)

WelcomeBack.pdf contains additional details about the season and the items listed above.

Please feel free to contact us with specific questions once you’ve reviewed the information above.

HSSOCF Secretary