Crew Coordination Policy

In an effort to have better communication between referee crew members, and to help assure no games are missed or mistakes made, the following policy is effective immediately.

  • Just as before, when the schedule is issued (or reissued) all games must be confirmed or turned back through Ernie.
  • A minimum of three days before your scheduled game, the center referee on the varsity game should call his or her AR1 and AR2 to verify the following items. We suggest these calls be made on the Saturday the week before your scheduled games.
    • Are the AR1 / AR2 that were called still assigned to that game?
    • Do they know the game time for their Freshman, JV, and Varsity games?
    • Do they know how to get to the game site?
    • Is there any problem with any of the crew members arriving 30 minutes before their schedule games? If so, when do they expect to arrive at the game? Will the center referee arrive early?
  • If an assignment changes and the AR1 and AR2 that is called is no longer on the game, Ernie will advise the new AR1 or AR2 who the varsity center referee is for their game, and instruct them to call the varsity center to inform him or her that they are on the game.
  • If you are an AR1 and AR2 and you have a problem making it to your JV or Freshman game 30 minutes prior to game time (or the varsity game if that is all that is being played), call the other referee and let him or her know what your expected arrival time is. The first referee to arrive can check the fields, check over the teams, and obtain the rosters.
  • If you are assigned to be AR1 or AR2 and the assigned varsity center referee has not called you at least 2 days before your scheduled game, call the varsity center referee or call Ernie to verify that person is still the center referee.
  • If any problems occur on game day that will cause you to arrive late to the field, call Ernie immediately before the schools or your fellow officials call Ernie reporting a no-show. That way if they do call Ernie, he can advise them that you are on the way and give them an estimated arrival time. If possible, call your fellow officials, but if this is not possible, at a minimum, call Ernie if you are running late.
  • DO NOT e-mail Ernie with any changes, turn-backs, or game problems. Call him directly on his home phone or his cell phone. He has his cell phone with him most the time.
  • We have many nights when we have a lot of games and Ernie needs help. If you aren’t working any night of the week and you are available to officiate, call Ernie if you would like a game. He gives games out on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who call him and want to officiate. Our goal is to serve the schools by always providing three referees when they want it.
  • Know where your game site is and where you are going no later than the night before your game. Avoid calling Ernie or Ann when on your way to the game wondering how to get there. Print out directions, use an app on your phone, or get a city map. If you are an AR1 or AR2 then the varsity center referee may be able to help you.

NOTE : Last minute changes will always come up. We hope, however, that this procedure will help reduce the possibility of missing games or making mistakes (e.g.,: having two center referees at the same field). We also hope this procedure will improve communication between crew members. The Board would be interested in your feedback regarding how this works and if it is meeting its goal of reducing or eliminating errors. Thank you.