Pre-game Suggestions

Things to do prior to the game and to discuss as a crew as a pre-game discussion:

  • As a crew introduce yourselves to the coaches and determine that everyone is legally equipped, find out if any special equipment, casts, etc. needs to be looked at, determine if any doctor’s statements are needed, and discuss good sportsmanship.
  • Be sure and get a printed copy of the team roster, with coaches and bench personnel
  • Check the field for hazards and assure the goals are secured
  • Determine who the ball people will be
  • Discuss the proper timing methods with the clock operator
  • Check game balls for proper air
  • Perform a pre-game conference with your crew

As part of the pre-game conference with your crew be sure to cover the following items and discuss how you as the referee or AR want them to be handled:

  • Which side AR1 and AR2 will be on.
  • How the crew will walk out at the start of the game
  • If referee cannot finish game, AR1 will come in (or 2-man system)
  • How to handle throw-ins – help spot position for thrower; watch feet/hands
  • Ball in and out of touch … when to signal; look at referee before signaling in his end
  • Offside – make sure player is involved in play; if delayed flag give good snap; when to drop flag if play changes direction
  • How AR1 and AR2 are to handle fouls as play gets closer to AR1 or AR2
  • Fouls in the Penalty Area – referee should be close enough to call, but he will advise when he wants help; if the referee calls a foul and it is in penalty area, what should the AR1 or Ar2 do, walk to corner flag; flag between legs; etc.
  • If there are Penalty Kicks, what are AR1 and AR2’s responsibilities? (Goal Judge)
  • Help spot free kicks near AR1 and AR2
  • Where to be on Corner Kicks
  • Follow Ball to End Line
  • What to do if the Ball is in and out of the goal and we have a score
  • What to do during goal kicks
  • Who will keep time; who will write and what (AR1 and AR2)
  • When should AR come on the field
  • How to handle fouls behind the referee’s back
  • How to communicate or signal the referee that you wish to talk to him
  • How to handle Substitutes (signals; shirts tucked in; when to let subs on the field; they must be at the center line)
  • What to do if there is a fight or bench clearing (take numbers; control bench side players; don’t touch anyone)
  • How to handle coaches who become hostile or are not exhibiting good sportsmanship
  • How to talk to players or what to do if player is hostile to you
  • What to do if a caution or ejection is required