2023-24 HSSOCF Post Season Requirements

Referee must:

  • Score minimum 80% on the FHSAA test
    • Rank 1 = 90% and above
    • Rank 2 = 80% and above
  • Have a current on field evaluation
    • Evaluations can’t be more than two years old
  • Crew Selection options
    • Referees have the opportunity to choose their crew
      • Crews must submit who they want to work with by January 22, 2024
      • All three referees must agree to the crew in writing prior to Districts
      • The entire crew must be up to date on evaluations
      • Crews can’t switch referees unless approved by HSSOCF Evaluation committee and/or FHSAA.
    • The HSSOCF Evaluation committee can form crews based on Rank and Location
  • Coordinate evaluation with assignor
    • Crew members being evaluated pay a $90 evaluator fee at the field (no checks)
    • Crew members do not have to be evaluated at the same time
  • Recommendation committee will decide which referees move forward depending on the following:
    • Test grade
    • Evaluation score
    • HSSOCF meeting attendance (minimum 3)
    • HSSOCF Varsity game count (minimum 20)
    • Assignment issues (turnbacks, tardiness, “no shows”, school-initiated blocks)
    • HSSOCF ranking
  • Assignments past District games are assigned by FHSAA in Gainesville and crews may be split up depending on evaluation scores or other reasons
  • HSSOCF has 4 approved Evaluators:
    David Harrison, Greg McCoy, Rick Richardson, and Michel Catin