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FHSAA 2022-23 NFHS Soccer Rule Changes
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HSSOCF Independent Contractor’s Agreement & IRS W-9

2023 JLA Badge Information

Seminole County is the easiest to get a badge in the area HSSOCF covers. If you need help with other counties, please send an email to for assistance.

1st Step – email with the following completed forms.

               A properly filled out Form 1403

               A completed copy of your i-9

               A copy of the identification documents required for Form I-9

               You email must include all the items.


2nd step –  Go to and schedule a fingerprinting appointment

               Use code “FPSCPSVENCON”


3rd  step – once processed you will receive an email from SCPS to pick-up your badge at SCPS main office in Sanford.


4TH step – go to this link and fill out these forms for HSSOCF:


5th step:  Take the online FHSAA test through FHSAA arbiter page.  Click on Central Hub and then the “test tab”


6th step: Once you pass the test, make sure all your information is up to date in the HSSOCF section in Arbiter.  Mark yourself “ready” and you’ll start getting games.


2022 JLA Certification changes

If you are not current or if your certification was completed in 2017 you are expected to get certified this year.

Referees will NOT be assigned games without a current JLA certification and Statewide Vendor Badge.

Additionally, you must purchase the $10 Statewide Contractor Badge.


Seminole County Education Department no longer does fingerprints, but does print the badges for pickup


The fingerprinting process has been outsourced this to Field Print. (


1st Step – email with the following completed forms.

               A properly filled out Form 1403

               A completed copy of your Form I-9 (2 pages)

               A copy of the identification documents required for Form I-9

               You email must include all the items.

               All forms can be found at 

               (Form I-9 is page 6-8 and Form 1403 is on page 9)


2nd step – Wait for confirmation the SCPS has received your email


3rd step – Go to and schedule a fingerprinting appointment

               Use code “FPSCPSVENCON”


4th step – once processed you will receive an email from SCPS to pick-up your badge



You do not need an employer ID number.

However, be sure to use our name and contact info if asked:

High School Sports Officials of Central Florida
PO BOX 4389, Orlando, FL  32802-4389
Contact: Secretary of the Board
Phone: (407) 965-1848

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Note: Most of the forms on this page are produced in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you do not have the free Acrobat viewer click on the link below to download it.